Corporate Vision
深耕教育培训、手写识别、智慧金融、医疗,Focus on education, handwriting recognition, smart finance and medical.
做国内AI行业领跑者,创人工智能教育新未来。A leader in domestic AI industry. A builder of the future of AI education.
成立于2018年,杭州笔声智能科技有限公司以全球顶级的的智能手写识别及NLP(自然语言处理技术)结合运营商级别的专属服务,为教育机构、企事业单位、政府提供智能解决方案。Founded in 2016, Hangzhou Bisheng (AbcPen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. provides intelligent solutions for educational institutions, enterprises and governments with the world's top intelligent handwriting recognition and NLP (Natural Language Processing Technology) combined with carrier-level exclusive services.
毕昇是四大发明之一的活字印刷术的缔造者,“笔声”的商标谐音取自于此。北宋庆历间,毕昇将单字制成印刷的模具,以拼版灵活、易于存管等优点显著提升了印刷效率,让文字就此 “活”了起来。Bi Sheng is the creator of movable type printing, one of the four inventions. The trademark homonym of "Bisheng" is taken from this. During the Northern Song Dynasty, Bi Sheng made the single-word printing mold, which greatly improved the printing efficiency and made the text "live" with the advantages of flexible imposition and easy storage.
笔声认为,直到今天,对文字和文化传播的革命性需求仍在延续——在习惯用键盘和鼠标进行机械化表达的数字社会,笔声希望重拾纸笔的力量,文字、图画、符号、线条,一支简单的笔,却足以发出比26个键更深刻、高效、准确的思维的声音。Until today, as we believe, the revolutionary demand for text and cultural communication continues. In the digital society that is used to mechanized expression with keyboard and mouse, Bisheng (AbcPen) wants to regain the power of paper and pen. Words, pictures, symbols, Lines, a simple pen is enough to make a deeper, more efficient, and more accurate thinking than 26 keyboards.
为了服务各行业在数字时代实现书写力量的最大化,笔声智能利用公司自有的全球领先手写文字识别技术,创造了无地域时间限制的高度信息化的图文识别系统,达到快速识别手写文体和印刷体,下笔时刻瞬间辨识,即刻实现文本内容电子化处理;尖端自然语言处理技术,令计算机强大的算法力量成为基础、高效的文字处理和文本挖掘助手;传统笔触的创造力搭配现代尖端科技,迸发出1+1等于正无穷的最佳结果。In order to serve various industries to maximize the power of handwriting, Bisheng (AbcPen) Intelligence created a highly informative graphic recognition system using the company's own global leading handwritten text recognition technology. Without geographical or time constraints, the system can quickly identifying handwriting and prints in a split second, and instantly supports electronic processing of the text content. The cutting-edge natural language processing technology makes the algorithm power of the computer become the basic and efficient word processing and text mining assistant. The traditional brushstroke creativity is combined with modern cutting-edge technology to gain the best result, as 1+1 equal to positive infinity.
笔声智能将以领先业内的核心技术为各行业提供便捷、可信的最佳解决方案。Bisheng (AbcPen) Intelligence will provide the best and most reliable solutions for all industries with leading core technologies in the industry.