Highly informative future classroom - the integration of traditional and information technological mode
Handwriting recognition
Based on deep learning technology, our system can accurately identify blurred, distorted handwritten text, as well as images with sharply inclined text.
Automatic correction
The adaptive operating system provides excellent assignment data collection on ordinary papers by intelligent hardware such as smart pads and pens. By tapping the submitting button on the smart pad, the program automatically counts and corrects all data, then submits individual's academic report in real time by submitting the cloud analysis system. Feedbacks go directly to the teachers and parents in the end.
Academic analysis
Combining with artificial intelligence and data analysis to achieve real-time recognition of student answers and personalized academic analysis report generation. Teachers can quickly adjust their teaching plans according to the report analysis. Students can learn from their own personalized data reports to understand their weakness and strength.
Personal Learning Report
Class Learning Report
Artificial Intelligence + Medical Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
Medical image recognition as illness diagnosis assistant.
This product can assist doctors to locate the lesion area, effectively alleviate the risk of missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis by making use of image visual recognition technology and medical images deep learning.
Disease risk warning
Predict and carry out practical intervention for risk of disease. The image diagnosis and prediction system are based on AI big data analysis, which can realize the early warning of personal health status through human body feature recognition, as well as monitoring or predicting the public health events such as epidemics. In addition, based on intelligent prediction, the indicator can be personalized to different patients or regions.
Healthy lifestyle management
Based on the analyze of a large number of image samples, our product is able to intelligently analyzes the data of nutrients and calories contained in the daily diet, provides reasonable dietary advice, and draws the best healthy lifestyle management plan.
Industry 4.0 (Digital factory)
Production intelligent security solution by industrial big data analysis
Intelligent control of product quality
Based on the multi-target tracking system, the appearance characteristics of goods in the production environment can be intelligently tracked and identified, therefore attributes of the goods can be accurately analyzed to list non-conforming products, altogether improve product quality, and save labor costs.
Identity confirmation and labor-hour calculation
The human body feature recognition technology can be applied to work space or public places with large volume of people, where the identity information can be quickly confirmed as needed. It can effectively solve the heavy workload and low efficiency in traditional manual working manner. In addition, it can conveniently serves for the management of employees' real-name system and accurate working hours calculation.
Smart Agriculture
The rise of AI application in the field of agricultural planting.
Accurate classification of crops
Using image recognition technology, judging from multi-dimensional factors of the plants such as the appearance and size of crops, along with plant name, species, nutrient demand, adaptive growth environment and growth cycle, our system able to analyze the plants efficiently and accurately. The crop conditions are effectively counted and predicted to assist in improving agricultural production benefit.
Artificial intelligence picking system and pest prediction
AI image recognition based on plant or fruit appearance, including plant color, flower shape, grow height and shape characteristics, helps scientifically analysis of pest and disease diagnosis and prevention programs. The automatic picking robots are able to ensure that the fruit is picked at the best state, improving agricultural production efficiency and maximizing benefits.
Smart Finance and Business
Artificial intelligence technology empowers the financial industry, streamlines business processes and improves security levels.
Document scanning and documentation
According to the needs of financial and insurance industries, the identity information such as ID card, account book, and real estate license must be scanned and processed during the business. Based on the image recognition (OCR) technology that can quickly identify various templates, key information can be quickly extracted and recorded into the system, thus simplify the business process. Moreover, it can accurately identify forged documents to greatly improve the security of business handling.
Digital handwritten notes and electronic signatures
We provide intelligent writing products for business scenarios, which can store the contents of writing notes offline and generate micro-class playback to the cloud. Also enable electronic contract and document signature capabilities for high-end commercial applications and provides security by handwritten digital signatures of encrypted transmission algorithms to meet remote signature requirements.
Users from telecom, education, health, Internet and other industries
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